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Casa Ramas

As with all our project, we start with gaining a good understanding of the site and then design so that the project is a harmonious intersection of the clients requirements and the unique attributes of the location.

This project in located in the hills near Dominical in Costa Rica. It has a ocean views down a jungle covered valley. Two sides of the site are protected by white trunked tropical trees that give inspiration for the house design. Casa Ramas: the house of branches.

Inverse Project - Concept Architecture Section Sketch
Inverse Project - Solar Study for a Tropical House in Costa Rica

The house has it long side facing the ocean which has two benefits; firstly it affords good views to all the rooms and secondly, it allows for sea breezes to pass naturally through the house and this helps with passive cooling which reduces the reliance on air-conditioning.

All these strategies result in an efficient, sustainable design that creates a living experience that connects the interior seamlessly with the the exterior.

Exploded Axonometric for a Modern House

The house is a simple two level bar shaped building with living spaces on the lower level and sleeping spaces above. When arriving you pass through an open lobby to the terrace which has a linear pool directed toward the ocean views.

A large simple protective roof covers both the house and provides much sun and rain protection for the terrace. This overhang is on the south side of the house which is the perfect solar orientation for this location in the northern tropics.

The roof slops 10 degrees south, the optimum alignment for solar photovoltaic panels and solar hot water collectors.

Copy of cross ventilation.JPG.jpg
IMG_8837 - Copy.JPG.jpg
©Nico Marques
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